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    When you need a Broward Mobile Notary public for your critical documents, you want to make sure you use someone who is experienced as well as reliable and affordable Broward Mobile Notary.

    You won’t find a more knowledgeable, reliable and reasonably priced more than Broward Mobile Notary Service.



    Here are some of the documents we regularly notarize and obtain for our Broward Mobile Notary Service:

    • Power-of-Attorney Documents
    • Certification of Document Copies (notarizing statement of document owner)
    • No-Fault Divorce, Prenuptial Agreements, Separation Agreements
    • Loan Packages and other Bank Documents
    • Parental Consent Form DS3053 for Minor’s Passport Application
    • Permission-to-Travel Letters
    • Trusts, Wills and Dozens of Other Types of Documents
    • Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates (for authentication and apostilles only)
    • We Also Specialize in Hospital Visits

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    here are a few things that are critical for making the Mobile Notary notarization signing  processing go smoothly:

    1) Signer must be present when being notarized.

    1. Signer must have ID that covers the names shown on the document. The ID can have more than what is on the document, but the ID cannot have less.
    2. 2 witness must be present that have no interest in the document being signed

    For example, if document lists the signer as Benjamin Martin Smith, the ID cannot say B. Martin Smith or Benjamin M. Smith. Usually a passport will be needed that spells out all the names in this case. If the document just says Benjamin Smith and the ID says Benjamin Martin Smith, that is not a problem to use our Mobile Notary Service.


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    Mobile Notary to your home

    How many times have you needed a document notarized and time was running out.

    You go to your local bank or drug store and find out they no longer offer notary services.

    Now you can turn to us We offer full notary services and travel to you, not the other way around.

    For a small travel fee we can be at your door, often within hours.


    In-Office Mobile Notary services

    We come to your office, utilize an extra desk or conference room and perform signings on-site.

    We are “there when you need us-gone when you don’t”.

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